Blind Tag! Podcast #21

Steve and Joe are in the Flat/Studio to round up this weeks action in the WWE. We talk about The Big Show being a Big Bully, the WH Title scene, D Bry finally being able to move on and the return of the one, the only; Paul Heyman!

Blind Tag! Podcast #20

Guess who’s back. Back again. Steve is back, tell your friends! The full team are in the house for Steve’s return and the big TWO OH. We review Extreme Rules 2012, discussing in depth the Brock Lesnar push, Sheamus title reign and D Bry’s Chicago fan base. Not only that, but we’ve got the full … Continue reading

Blind Tag! Podcast #19

Its time to Get Your Smark On! We are back to talk all things WWE as we leading in to Extreme Rules 2012. Join Brad and Joe as we look back at the last week and also talk about topics such as ‘Wheres The Miz?’ and so much more.

IPW: UK Revolution

IPW: UK Revolution

Allow me to preface this review with the fact that this event, put on by IPW:UK (after NWE pulled out only three weeks prior), is the first IPW:UK event that I have attended in, perhaps, four years. I was an avid IPW:UK fan from the first event I went to, which incidentally was the second … Continue reading