Blind Tag! Podcast #18

Sorry for the delay but we are back. Lets talk all post Wrestlemanina and look to what could happen over the next year! So join Brad and Joe as they get there Smark On?

Blind Tag! Podcast #16

Brad and Joe are back this week to talk about the last week in WWE. We discuss the on going but confusing down fall of Mark Henry, that the build to Cm Punk Vs Jericho has gone a different way and also Daniel Bryan soft lips. All that and so much more!

Blind Tag! Podcast #15

The Smark Alecs join forces once more in their new (W)WEkly series discussing loads, including; HBK confronting HHH, the US title scene, The Rock’s accuracy with his history lessons and of course the monumental collision between T-Lo and J-Lo! All this and more as they go on even more tangents, in the way only they … Continue reading

Wrestlemania XXVIII Tickets

Steve unpackages the WWE’s Wrestlemania Package that was FedEx’d over and goes through the contents for you curious smarks! Ever wonder what’s inside a Wrestlemania Package? Now you can find out!

Blind Tag! Podcast #14 Steve and Joe host the show and discuss the following; Cena infusing himself once again with Word Life, Eve becoming Eve(il) Torres, Jericho becoming #1 contender, Sheamus’ lack of impact and The Rock’s return promo. All this AND a special announcement as we march forth together!

Elimination Chamber 2012 The Smark Alecs review the WWE’s latest PPV, and the last stop before Wrestlemania XXVIII: Elimination Chamber! The Smark Alecs discuss in depth the last stop to Wrestlemania, the Jericho dilemma, Cena “Embracing The Hate” and certain Superstars proving their worth. So tune in, and make sure to get your smark on!

Blind Tag! Podcast #13 Steve and Brad return to discuss the past two weeks of wrestling, including; Undertaker being an emo kid, Big Show turning heel again, D Bry’s Veganism and John Cena showing no Loyalty or Respect to his former, broken hearted, Broski, Zack Ryder. All this and more, including our Blind Tag! Elimination Chamber Predictions for … Continue reading

Blind Tag! Podcast #12 Steve is joined in the studio with one half of The BJ Podcast, but it’s not Brad! Nothing will stop the Smark Alec’s, not even the London snowfall! In #12 we talk about the WWE attempting to appeal to the Internet fans, Sheamus’ ‘impact’ since his Royal Rumble win, Ziggler’s fall and, of course, … Continue reading

Royal Rumble 2012 The Smark Alecs analyse the first PPV of the new year; the Royal Rumble! Does this beloved PPV live up to their expectations? What did they make of Ziggler vs Punk, or the World Heavyweight Title match? And what about THAT ending? Tune in, and get your Smark On!