About BT! Podcast

Get Your Smark On

A podcast about professional wrestling that is filled humour, insight, irreverence and irrelevance!

Recording out of South East London since 2011, the Smark Alecs come together in a weekly Podcast, recording their thoughts and opinions on the current news and happenings in the WWE.

Covering Raw, Smackdown and recording their PPV reviews, these Smark Alecs dissect wrestling in their own unique style; ranging from the insightful to the idiotic!

Steve has been a wrestling fan since he was about 10, and fondly remembers being banned from watching wrestling by his parents, only to carry on watching it anyway.

Coming to it just before the Attitude Era began, he has stuck with it ever since with all the highs and lows along the way. Although he has a soft spot for the indy stylings of Ring of Honor, it’ll always be the WWE that is his first wrestling love.

Steve Russell//@stevetendo

Brad has been watching wrestling since he can remember. From growing up in a house where wrestling was on every Friday during the Attitude era, to going to local shows with friends; wrestling has always been a huge facet of his life.

He enjoys many types of wrestling from the big stage of the WWE, to the comedy stylings of PWG.

Brad Nixon//@bradisafcuk


Joe first got into wrestling when he was around 5, after his cousin lent him some WWF tapes. The first match that really got him into wrestling was being enthralled by The British Bulldog vs Bret Hart at Summerslame 1992. He’s been a fan ever since.

Joe Ward