Posted in January 2012

Royal Rumble 2012 The Smark Alecs analyse the first PPV of the new year; the Royal Rumble! Does this beloved PPV live up to their expectations? What did they make of Ziggler vs Punk, or the World Heavyweight Title match? And what about THAT ending? Tune in, and get your Smark On! Advertisements

Blind Tag! Podcast #11 The Smark Alecs return with Snake Eyes! We discuss whether John Cena is embracing the hate, Daniel Bryan’s heel persona, whether Zack Ryder actually knows how to change a tyre and whether the tag team division is officially dead. As if it wasn’t already.

Genesis 2012 Today I filled in for Joe on Blind Tag!’s sister show; The BJ Show Podcast as they reviewed TNA’s first PPV of 2012: Genesis. I know, I know – it’s not the WWE and I haven’t watched TNA in approximately 8 months, but I watched the PPV specifically to review it and help Brad out, so … Continue reading

Blind Tag! Podcast #10 The Smark Alecs are back with a special guest from their sister show; The BJ Show! In this episode the Smark Alecs host their Wrestling Round Up, with a focus on Dolph Ziggler’s push, Drew McIntrye being the new MVP, the return of Kane and, of course, the return of Y2J himself, Chris Jericho. … Continue reading