Posted in July 2011

The Next NoDQ Discussion is…

What do you think of the name I’ve come up with for our discussion? I figure it’s, at the very least, more catchy than ‘Our Theme Of The Week’. So, henceforth, our ‘theme of the week’ is rechristened; The NoDQ Discusssion. And the discussion topic for the next podcast is this; Why Do The WWE … Continue reading

It Just Gets Better

How is it possible that CM Punk, despite no longer apparently being with the WWE, is STILL creating shock waves. Don’t believe me? Check out CM Punk crashing the WWE event at Comic Con.

And The Topic Is…

The next discussion topic for Blind Tag! Podcast #3, as chosen by Steve, will be the question;  When Did Wrestling Stop Being Pop Culturally Relevant? Remember when watching WWF(E) was socially accepted within pop culture? What happened to the their grasp on the mainstream media?  We’d love to have your in put on this discussion, … Continue reading