Push It!

My Fellow Smark Alecs,
As we all know the WWE’s latest PPV, TLC, is on live this Sunday and we want to hear what you guys think, not only whilst it happens, but also in the aftermath on Monday. What did you think of the build up? What about the pay off? Where are the feuds going now? 
Tweet us, e-mail us, Facebook us, whatever – just let us know what you think!
ALSO, we’re wanting to introduce a new Q+A element to the show. If you have any questions, literally anything at all, then send them our way! 
What’s Tim’s favourite food? Steve’s favourite TV Show? Favourite vintage wrestler? Favourite kind of facial hair styling?  Find out!
We really want to push Blind Tag! Podcast and get even more Smark Alecs listening to it. So, please, spread the word. Tell your friends, tell other wrestling fans, tell your girlfriend who doesn’t care, just tell them all about us! 
Thanks guys and, like always, Get Your Smark On!

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